We are Gigan, a short for gigantic. Founded October 2013 in London, the idea of the magazine comes from passionate people. Through the experience of traveling around the world, we found out why it seem that only Hollywood films is dominated in film markets despite Japanese cinemas also being entertaining, social valuable, unaltered original content and great storytelling. We want to share great cinemas experience that can change your world. 

We believe just one 90 minutes film can change the world of a lot of people regardless of their nationality, religion, background and whatever else makes that person unique – film can affect everybody. This journey will not be easy because we are challenging conventional wisdom but we believe this challenge is not only for Japanese cinema, but also for any national cinema if they wish to succeed globally.


It is simple. We will deliver quality writing - often exclusive information from Japan with high quality images and a focus on design which makes articles stylishly while still delivering information efficiently in the magazine and the website.

We believe we should not just sell or buy films; rather we should increase the audience for them. In order to do this, we will change the way we communicate with audiences through the power of GIGAN magazine’s content and design by covering intriguing Japanese filmmakers and films with diverse perspectives through unique features: design, music, fashion, travelling, and whatever else is related to the films that are produced. Because film involves various things which tells a lot of unique stories. 

We will actively find innovative and unique films and deliver a strong message; we do not wait until someone else takes action. 


We are a bi-annual independent publication that focuses on the world of Japanese cinema. Print delivers a strong message that endure well into the next generation so we can deliver the message on the Gigan magazine and create a new movement around the world. The more enjoyment and appreciation we create, the more Japanese cinemas will become internationally recognized. 

Do not be afraid of taking a risk in backing project - after our first year publishing it, we have learned from various experiences and by looking at various other magazines, and talking to various people from other culture and around the world. We continue to learn from others and demonstrate it again and again over the course of the magazine's life. 

Film magazine often stays similar style of images and formats, but we want to be exceptional magazine that matter creativity. With "redesigning" we are talking Japanese cinema to a whole new place.