Words by Hana Sato

Quite a few of manga-based film have been produced these days. It would be one of the trends in the film industry. But, to be honest, many of them have let me down. So I did not really expect From Me to You (2010), and then when I saw it, I was attracted in few minutes.

From Me to You is not just teenager’s love story between Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura) and Sawako Kuronuma (Mikako Tabe). But more likely it is about difficulties they face in their school life, particularly friendship. Cinematography is beautiful. You could see the transition of seasons and colour that would describe character’s feeling. Also the reference to Ring (1998) makes the film interesting. Casts for student roles are young and fresh. They act greatly and show how naive teenagers are. Especially, Haruma Miura and Mikako Tabe are notable. Miura shows freshness and kindness of Kazehaya as he is in the comics. Also we could see dilemma of Kazehaya. Tabe’s facial expression and crying are amazing. She could present the innocence of Kuronuma very well. Perhaps some may think the film is unrealistic, and others might find it interesting to see Japanese school system, for instance, the relationship between students and teachers. But there will be something you could sympathize and reminds you of your school life.

Of course comic’s fans, even if you have not read the original comic, you can enjoy the film as I did. This would be one of the best manga-based films for me.